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With Artificial Intelligence solutions, it can analyze the performance of existing applications and help both project teams and engineers and business stakeholders to find solutions that are both impressive and risk reduction.

  • We produce artificial intelligence solutions in Pyton, Lisp, Prolog, C ++, Java languages.
  • Predictive Intelligence and Analysis for Cyber ​​Security
  • Knowledge Management
  • Image Recognition
  • Autonomous Cyber ​​Security Systems
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Maintenance Estimation
  • Production Analysis
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Geo-Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Image Recognition and Visual Analysis
  • E-Commerce Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence Consulting



We use world standards

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013

    Web vulnerabilities to check

  • Security audit

Cyber ​​Security Assessment, Smart contract audit, Penetration test

  • Code check
  • Cryptology
  • integration and development


How Do We Do?


needs analysis


we collect the first requirements during the meeting. We determine the budget and time


Strategy and concept workshop


your job is completed on time by the expert team. We identify risks and are ready to go.


Design & Development


Strategy and Concept Workshopdesign developmentStartSupport and Further Growththe team meets after the project is approved. we establish a connection between the project team and the customer




Once the product is ready for the production release, we plan the launch in sync with the marketing, sales, sales team and customer support teams. In addition, we create system health checks and defined support and maintenance processes to ensure that the system runs smoothly.


Support & New Developments


It all starts with a successful launch. We offer dedicated and expanded teams to help you grow your product further with support and maintenance services.


New Software Solutions has been producing special software solutions for more than 10 years. From fintech to healthcare, from logistics to entertainment, we have the expertise to help you solve all your software-related problems.

We find the best in their field and work with them. Our engineers always improve their skills and adapt themselves to new technologies.

Timing is very important for us. We finish our work in the fastest way possible, we follow the times we commit. we do our job fast and with high quality

The satisfaction of our customers comes first for us. Onların sorunları bizim sorunumuzdur. If necessary, our customers can reach us 24/7. Our reference list is a counterpart to these studies.

We have many projects that have been used for years. We solved the problems of companies, we did great things.

We follow world trends and adapt to them quickly. We share the gains we have achieved through intensive R&D results with our customers and keep them up to date.

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